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Basic Information

Visa Consultancy: Bengaltrips Helps with document preparation, assessment, and supporting documents to obtain a visa and Guinea-Bissau provides on-arrival visa services for Bangladeshi citizens. Therefore, a visa is not required for Bangladeshi nationals to enter Guinea-Bissau.

Embassy of Guinea-Bissau in India. 

Obtaining a Guinea Bissau visa from Bangladesh has become easier with Bengaltrips. Process your Guinea Bissau visa in Bangladesh with   visa processing services. Get in touch with Bengaltrips. Our hotline is 01958300020 or you can reach us via email at

Check List

An official document or stamp that authorizes an individual to enter a foreign country for the purpose of leisure and tourism is known as a tourist visa.

Passport: Current passport minimum validity for 06 months until the planned date of return and minimum two blank pages for visa stamp.

Confirmed Airline Ticket: The applicant's airline ticket itinerary will be reserved based on their trip schedule and return from the trip.

Hotel Reservation: A schedule that has been booked for the applicant's lodging. The itinerary for the trip must specify the hotel or resort.

Service Price (Regular)

Country Visa Category Price
Guinea-Bissau Tourist Visa
Description Price Quantity Ammount
Service Charge BDT 0 TK 1 BDT 0 TK
Visa Fee BDT 0 TK 1 BDT 0 TK
Documentation Charge BDT 0 TK 1 BDT 0 TK
Grand Total BDT 0 TK


Forms & Downloads

Visa Application Form (Short Term)


I. What are the services do you provide for Guinea Bissau?

Bengal Trips offers advice and visa services for Guinea Bissau.

Bengal Trips is a center for applying for visas that can assist you with the process. After submission, the embassy's decision will determine whether or not the visa is guaranteed.

It requires 3-5 working days for the passport and form. Processing time depends on the embassy.

You do not need an invitation letter. Only a cover letter and a travel itinerary is required for the tourist visa.

Yes, the travel health insurance is mandatory to get a Guinea Bissau visa.

No, the visa service fee won’t be refundable.

You can track your passport update on our track bar. You just have to input your passport number to track your passport.

No we cannot provide an invitation letter, the invitation should be provided by clients but we will provide visa application service according to that.

No, we do not grant Guinea Bissau any kind of work permit.