Terms of Privacy

1.       The Client or group of Client agrees and presents consent that we may collect, process, use and record personal information provided in connection with the visa processing service availed. Only the service provider and associated bodies (Consular Offices/Immigration Offices) can access the information.

2.       After the provision of service is complete and the service is closed, Bengaltrips may discard all the information received for visa application processing.

3.       Bengaltrips has reserves right to keep your contact information for future reference and may use the information for the identification of our recurring clients’ eligibility for promotional discounts, loyalty program memberships and for latest updates on visa and travel scenario.

4.       Bengaltrips privacy policy is a part of these Terms and Conditions and agreeing with us for the Terms and Conditions also means a service user accepts the privacy policy. Privacy Policy is published on our website for everyone’s convenience.


Terms of Using Online Visa Application System:


1.       While applying for a visa or requesting a service online from Bengaltrips, a service user is entitled to fill in all the required information, visiting will not be held liable for any mistakenly filled-in application field.

2.       Applying for a visa or for requesting Bengaltrips service online, a service user is entitled to select the appropriate service, payment options and visiting will not be held liable for any mistakenly selected or paid services.

3.       While applying for a visa or requesting for Bengaltrips service online, a service user is entitled to upload all their required documents as per the embassy’s instructions. A service user is also entitled to communicate to Bengaltrips regarding the original passport as well as original documents submission to Bengaltrips office.

Terms of Service Processing Time


1.       Document and Visa processing times mentioned on websites/published materials are standard processing timeframes according to the respective immigration authorities’ guidelines. Any estimated timeframe advised by Bengaltrips should be used as a guide only.

2.       Bengaltrips always aims to process the visa application within the timeframes committed in its published materials. Bengaltrips will use its best endeavors to minimize any delay or inconvenience caused in this respect. Bengaltrips will not be responsible for any unavoidable delay in service delivery caused by the immigration authorities or other associated parties.


5. Consultancy Service Definition


1.       Bengaltrips will take any emergency decision related to the documentation for processing of the Visa Application.

2.       Bengaltrips cannot influence any decision that are made by an immigration authority; and if there are any requests for additional information before finalizing a visa; any delay by an immigration authority in the issuing of a visa; or a decision to refuse a visa. Any assistance to reach out to the respective authority to request an update/expedite the processing shall only be treated as a complement.

3.       Consultancy Service consists of Primary Information Session, Document Processing, and Service Delivery Session along with assistance/guidance on the entire process. Any additional information session can only be scheduled by the consultant if necessary. A Client/applicant is responsible to provide all the relevant information and documents in connection with his requested consultancy service.

4.       An applicant reserves the right to choose whether to provide or avoid providing any of the requested documents mentioned in the customized visa checklist prepared by one of our consultants. Bengaltrips will use and rely on information provided by the client in the provision of services to that client. Bengaltrips will not independently verify or assume responsibility for the accuracy, authenticity, or completeness of such information of document.

5.       Bengaltrips always processes all the paperwork based on the merits of the documents received, the client’s profile, and background information related to social as well as professional occupancies. All the documents prepared, compiled, or revised by Bengaltrips are sent to the client for review before finalization. A client may suggest, comment or input any information and where if it is necessary.

6.       Bengaltrips will not carry further any liability to the client once the contracted service is completed with the client. This limitation on the duty of care includes but is not limited to information; advice or opinion provided by Bengaltrips after the contracted service is complete, any event of deportation, restriction on entry, etc.

7.       Services are entitled upon the availability of dates at the discretion of a consular office, an associate party, or immigration authorities such as booking embassy appointments.

8.       The Client or Service recipient agrees for Bengaltrips to keep the Client Service Recipient updated by automated website tracking. Only in case of emergency, an applicant can reach us through our Hotline phone number and Customer Relations e-mail about any available updates about ongoing applications. Response to calls and emails shall only be expected during the standard working hours on weekdays at the earliest. Please note, that all the queries received through phone calls and emails are served in que. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform Bengaltrips about any emergency update received at his end in connection to his ongoing visa application during working hours.

9.       Bengaltrips also reserves the right, at our discretion, to change our associate service providers or any other parties involved in providing any of our ancillary services as deemed appropriate by Bengaltrips.

10.   Bengaltrips reserves the right to contact your sponsor or employer for further details if required from the authorities or for confirmation of your application.


 Visa Processing (Logistic) Service Definition 


1.       Bengaltrips will be able to take any emergency decision related to all the associated activities related to the processing and transit of Visa Application Legalization.

2.       The standard service fee covers up to 0.75 kg of documents to send through courier. If there is any extra logistics charge will be applicable if the total documents weigh more than 0.75kg.

3.       Logistic Service covers the Approval Fee and other charges at the Ministry of Home Affairs, processing and screening on documents, both way courier charge for transiting documents or passport to designated immigration offices and retrieve it back once the processing is completed.

4.       If an immigration authority has incorporated a deadline for the submission of documents to an application, these documents must be provided at the earliest possible time but no later than 72 hours before the deadline date.

5.       For any kind of visa, in particular, tourist or business visa, the client should not book a flight ticket unless the embassy has specifically requested evidence of this as a requirement for the visa application. Any suggestions on the tentative date of receiving visa decision or passport delivery shall be treated as a guideline only.

6.      The Client recipient agrees for Bengaltrips to keep the Client Recipient updated by our automated website tracking. Only in case of emergency, an applicant can reach us through our Hotline phone number and Customer Relations e-mail about any available updates about ongoing applications.