BengalTrips Easy EMI | Travel Now, Pay Later

BengalTrips is a Trailblazing travel agency based in Bangladesh. We proudly offer revolutionary Easy EMI (Equal Monthly Instalments) facilities to make travel easier for people. Our mission is to make travel affordable for all, so financial constraints won't restrict your wanderlust. We believe that travel should be for everyone, and our goal is to make travel dreams come true, regardless of their preferences.

BengalTrips Easy EMI offer allows you to purchase Complete Travel Solution with a purchase amount above BDT 5000. You can enjoy the EMI flexibility to pay for tour packages in 3 to 36 monthly instalments with interest rates ranging from 0% to 20%. This unique financial strategy empowers users to buy expensive travel services under EMI, without additional costs. So, plan your next dream trip with BengalTrips devoid of worrying about financial constraints.

BenglaTrips Innovative Travel Solutions

BengalTrips is specifically committed to driving innovation in the travel industry. Our initiative includes:

Go-Safe Program: We've combined RT-PCR tests with international flights to keep you safe.

Travel Loan: Our travel loan options make your trip more budget-friendly.

Extensive EMI Facility: Our extensive EMI facility provides unique benefits to travellers, including competitive charges and lower rates than regular bank EMI options.

Payment Flexibility

Credit cards from selected issuing banks are eligible to purchase with EMI, but Debit cards can't meet up the terms. 

BengalTrips currently offers EMI facilities for 23 banks and financial institutions, including: 

AB Bank Ltd, Bank Asia, Dhaka Bank Ltd, DBBL, EBL, Meghna Bank Ltd, Mutual Trust Bank, NRB Bank, NRBC Bank, NCC Bank, United Commercial Bank, Premier Bank, Jamuna Bank, Pubali Bank, Al-Arafah Islami Bank, Standard Bank Ltd, Prime Bank, Midland Bank Ltd, South East Bank Ltd, South Bangla Agriculture and Commercial Bank, Community Bank, and Lanka Bangla Finance.

Book Your Trip To Pay With EMI

Our Easy EMI plan is available through credit cards, only from select banks. The availability of EMI from us is very easy. Travellers can enjoy EMI facilities for travel services for up to 36 months. The EMI amount ranges from BDT 5,000 to BDT 2,00,000, with interest rates varying from 0% to 20%. With our 0% EMI, you won't incur extra charges from us, except for a small processing fee from your card-issuing bank. 

Our EMI processing is automated and can be completed online. It eliminates the need for lengthy application procedures. You can book your service on our Website, our customer support will check & inform availability. Then you will get a link for payment and there you can avail EMI by confirming payment through your credit card.

EMI Calculation

The calculation of EMI is very essential. You can easily calculate your monthly EMI instalments, by applying the following process: 

We assume that you are planning to purchase a service worth BDT 60,000/- from BengalTrips. You are looking for a 12-month EMI plan. A POS charge of 1.5% will be added to the total amount. For this service,  your EMI plan will contain an 8% interest rate and a 1.5% POS charge for your credit card. So, the EMI calculation of your monthly instalments will be:

= {(Total purchase + Bank Interest Rate) + POS Charges} / Total Months

= {(60,000 + 8%) + 1.5%} / 12

= (64,800 + 900) / 12

= 65,700 / 12

= 5,475

Note: Bank to Bank This Amount May Change.

So, you have to pay BDT 5,475/- per month as an instalment for your total purchase. Your total purchase is BDT 65,700, so you need to pay an additional charge of BDT 5,700 on top of your purchase amount. If you purchase our services online, then our automated EMI process will calculate and inform you about monthly instalments.

BengalTrips Hassle-Free EMI Processing

EMI facility is becoming popular in Bangladesh, but BengalTrips provides exclusive benefits that you won't find elsewhere.

Online Availing Convenience: Apart from purchasing travel solutions/packages directly from the office, we also have a special facility for online purchasing. Our EMI processing is fully automated and can be completed online. We have eliminated the need for lengthy application procedures and fees.

Refund Policy: Our Refund Policy ensures that EMI amounts are refundable, with only a small EMI charge deducted during the refund process.

EMI Benefits: BengalTrips EMI facilities offer 0% interest EMI for up to 6 months without extra charges from flexible banks. If travellers need more time to pay, they can select instalments of up to 36 months at competitive rates lower than traditional bank EMI rates. 

Terms & Conditions

  • EMI facility is available on all tour packages and products.

  • The service is On the spot with no paperwork involved.

  • The amount you need to pay must be equal to or greater than BDT 5,000 to avail of the EMI facility.

  • The maximum tenure you can get depends on your card-issuing bank, and it can go up to 36 months.

  • If you want EMI for over 6 months, you'll need to pay an EMI interest fee of 2% to 20%, depending on your card.

  • The maximum purchase value for EMI depends on your card limit.

  • To avail EMI facility, you need to use eligible credit cards from the selected banks only.

  • After you make the transaction, the whole amount will be held until you finish paying in instalments.

  • A non-refundable convenience fee might apply based on the duration.

  • BengalTrips will follow the policies of banks/payment service providers to fix any difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to submit a hard copy for processing the EMI?

Our EMI processing is totally automated and online based. So, the customers are not required to submit any hard copy regarding this.

What cards are eligible?

Credit cards from selected issuing banks are eligible to purchase with EMI.

Can I use a debit card?

No, debit card purchases cannot be converted into EMI as per the bank's policy.

Is there any interest charge applicable?

No, BengalTrips will not charge any additional interest. But, a small processing fee will be applied according to the policy of the selected bank.

What are the available monthly instalment plans or tenures?

You can choose a plan ranging from 3 to 36 months based on your card-issuing bank's policy.

Can I avail EMI for multiple packages?

Yes, you can avail EMI for multiple packages at a time.

What are the minimum and maximum purchase limits with EMI?

The minimum and maximum limits are determined by each bank's policy. However, The EMI limit ranges from BDT 3,000 to BDT 200,000.

Is early settlement possible? What will be the fee?

It is possible. But, for early settlement, you need to consult your card issuing bank.