Payment, Refund & Cancellation Policies


1.       The fees for Bengaltrips services shall be those specified on the website, including any indirect taxes, if applicable, that apply to the fees, and other fees charged by an issuing authority, all of which must be paid by you.

2.       All the services of Bengaltrips must be availed directly from Bengaltrips. Prepayment of Service charges in full is mandatory for availing of any of the services. Once Automated Tracking ID is generated, the service charges paid to Bengaltrips will be non-refundable.

3.       Payments which are made online for any of the services through an electronic payment gateway are subject to your agreement to the terms and conditions provided by the payment gateway facilitator. You must comply with the particular payment gateway-related terms and conditions before proceeding to online payments.

4.       Payments made through an online payment system through internet banking/electronic payment gateway/mobile banking may be subject to additional charges like tax associated with the payer’s payment account. These charges are outside Bengaltrips service charges.

5.       If there is any issues with unsuccessful payment due to technical or banking network error must be communicated to the respective banking authority. Bengaltrips has no authority to resolve the issue.

6.       Bengaltrips will not provide any service for visa application until payment has been made to Bengaltrips in full for that service.

7.       Bengaltrips Service Charges and Visa Fees may change without prior notice anytime.

8.       As the payment is received and a Tracking ID is generated, the client has been engaged with the service of Bengaltrips. Our service is our professional advice, documentation processing expertise, and coordinated effort to provide processing documents from non-resident authorities or embassies. Once the service has been engaged it cannot be returned, even if the client has changed his mind or no longer wishes to utilize it. If a client submits a refund request before the application or documents have been process, they may be entitled to a partial refund subject to the terms of Bengaltrips.

9.       If a client pays to avail consultancy service to Bengaltrips to assess documents for a visa application pack or any other service in connection with lodgment and changes their mind, the fee will be non-refundable. Should you withdraw a visa application that you have kept on hold for a period of time not longer than 3 months, even if that application might have never been submitted to the Immigration Authorities will be excluded from our visa application system and no further service will be commenced on the services.

10.   Bengaltrips operates a strict no refund policy for all services. In cases of unsuccessful submission attempt or any withdrawal of service only the visa fee will be refunded. The refund must be made to your bank account.

11.   No refund is forthcoming of any fees paid to Bengaltrips where the visa application has been submitted to the Immigration Authorities regardless of the reason for withdrawal.

12.   For a short-stay business and tourist visas, Bengaltrips apply and pay for a Double or Multiple entry visa on the Client or Service Recipient's behalf and the embassy may decide to grant a Single-entry visa. The decision to grant a Single-entry visa remains solely with the embassy consular office and Bengaltrips does not have any discretion over this. No refund of the visa fee will be applicable.

13. You can cancel your services or air ticket before (05) days of your departure at Bengal Trips office or sending an email at or calling us at +8809678221612 with your service details and identification number.