General Terms

Bengaltrips a registered trademark of Your Trip Mate Ltd trading as Bengaltrips (hereinafter called Bengaltrips™) acts as a visa service provider on behalf of their Client/Service Recipient for processing visa/permits and ancillary services from the appropriate institutions and/or immigration authorities.

By registering with us, taking advantage of our services, and paying for services at our premises or through our online platform or mobile application, a service recipient is deemed to have fully understood and accepted these terms and conditions herein; therefore, agree to abide by terms and conditions as set out here. Bengaltrips reserves the right not to provide any service without the client agreeing to the terms and conditions or any portion of it as set out here.

The Terms & Conditions govern the provision of all information or services provided by Bengaltrips in the processing of visa applications and other services for their Client/Service Recipient(s). All the orders made to Bengaltrips and Client,Service Recipient are subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.

Any prospective client opting for a visa processing or document legalization through Bengaltrips must ensure that they are of legal age to register to take our service with authentic data and documents in his/her name as well as in their country of residence. Bengaltrips will not take the responsibility to examine and confirm the legal identity of its client(s).

All the information that are on our websites is currently up to the date of publication and may be subject to change anytime.

Bengaltrips has rights to include additional Terms & Conditions should the need arise. The documents submission to Bengaltrips by web, post or email, are constitutes agreement to these Terms & Conditions, including amendments thereto, by the customer.

If any visa application request submitted to the Bengaltrips by a representative on behalf of any client (traveler) must come with an authorization Letter of Authority; therefore, it will be deemed to be an application submitted to Bengaltrips by the client (traveler) directly to Bengaltrips. All terms and conditions listed herein apply to both the representative as well as the client (traveler) equally.

The terms or conditions of this agreement be declared void by a recognized Court of Justice, then the remaining Terms & Conditions would retain their validity. These Terms & Conditions represent the whole of the agreement between Bengaltrips and as well as with the Client.